July 29, 2010

A Pain in the A...and Crickets!

The last of my recaps was the "Over the weekend..." post and I find myself not having anything interesting to share with you all my 5 readers, maybe 6.  I have a food post coming up next week, some most needed testosterone will be brought in via Tuesday's Guest Blogger.... which I'm deciding may be moved to Wednesday's Guest Blogger. ..What else?.... Oh I swear I'm gonna get a camera and give you all a tour of our house, you will then understand why it feels like a vacation over here.

This weekend I have big plans! Big plans I tell you. I'm talking free events, my faves!!! I'm talking dancing!!! I'm talking shopping!!!! I'm talking....hhmm....Well we'll see.

So what went down this week so far?

Well, Monday I um....ooh I drove to West Covina. Yeah I just realized how lame my Monday was. Tuesday was not better. Neither was Wednesday for that matter. In an effort to save some money the Roomie and I decided to make dinner and not eat out. So food has been good but socially......(crickets).......(crickets)........I did finally get around to meeting the Real Housewives of New Jersey.........(crickets)........

In more personal news, I hurt my sciatic nerve.  AKA...Sciatica. From driving too long in traffic. Not a very pleasant feeling. Let's do a little anatomy lessons:
The term sciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain and possibly tingling, numbness or weakness that originates in the low back and travels through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of the leg.

My pain has decided to concentrate on the right buttock and lower thigh area. I also think it might be starting to spread down a bit to the calf. I walk around with my had placed in said area and I feel old. Sitting at a desk in an uncomfortable chair for 8 hours a day does not help either. Is it me or does that picture - courtesy of google search - have some serious calf muscle going on? Nice butt too. Back to the issue at hand, or at butt.....lol....I thought it was funny..... (crickets).....(crickets).....apparently sciatica is the symptom of the problem not the problem it's self.
Sciatica refers to a set of symptoms that are usually caused by a problem in the lower back called a radiculopathy - when a nerve root that connects to the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated.


From my own personal diagnosis, which I totally am aware may not be the smartest idea, since most pain goes away within a few weeks I have decided to just treat it with ibuprofen and heat/ice therapy. I've already hit up all my friends for their pain meds....fortunately all my friends are clean and I was able to "score"  800 ibuprofen. Bad Marisol....hangs head in shame.

If I can't trust WebMD or Spine-Health.com then what are my options really? Go see a Dr? Yeah, I will if I don't feel better.  *lightbulb!* What if it was the batting caged that cause this? Say in ain't so!........NO! I REFUSE.....It was the driving, the driving, the driving and you can't tell me otherwise!


Who's excited about Jersey Shore's second season tonight?? GTL Baby!!!


July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Guest Blogger: Ariana

So....In an effort to not make this all about me...even though the title of this blog is Life as I(you) Know it!...I decided it would be great to have a guest bloggers. A good friend or relative or just someone I trust, period. After all this little bloggy is like my baby. So  further intrusion from moi...Heeeeeer's Ari:

When I was initially asked to be a guest blogger, I was flattered, but I have since then realized that I have no clue what to write about. Writing used to be my favorite hobby and form of therapy (I’m not really into movies), but I’ve recently lost my drive to transcribe.  Now I have no choice-Marisol is forcing me to do this j/k…Unfortunately, I have some big shoes to fill- Marisol is quite witty. Me, on the other hand, I’m not quite as funny, just clumsy.  Anyway, after vacillating between ideas, I have chosen to utilize this space to write something nice-an ode to Marisol…
 Oh Marisol, Marisol

We have the same goal…

We want to be without a man

But don’t know if we can

Oh Marisol , Marisol

Our feelings are internal

We want to move away from home

And we’re experimenting like a gnome….

Oh Marisol, you are my roomie

And now you’re a homie… :)

                                I would like to thank her for listening to my endless venting sessions, handing me a tissue when necessary, and keeping me positive and busy.   We have a lot in common (which is why she is awesome jk) and we’re using this time away from home to reflect on what went wrong.  Along the way, we have had to learn to be “head of households” and all the responsibilities that come along with that title.  We have had to adapt to the circumstances that have come our way and we have dealt with them in distinct ways.  I always tell her I would like to be her-she’s so strong and positive.  I am a rambling/pathetic mess, but she’s usually there to pick up the pieces! She’s always up for new suggestions and will stay up with me even if she has to wake up early to go to work (sorry about that).  Plus she gives me her leftovers and shows me cool teeny bopper videos…(insert video here)

                I’m not tech savvy so just visualize some teenagers with big mouths jumping around in random venues. ..

                I suppose that is all for now. I’m just getting my feet wet with this whole blog thing, but I hope to find my voice soon because writing can definitely be cathartic.  And, in the spirit of purification/cleansing, I will end with a final quote:

“It’s so lonely when you don’t even know yourself”- So thank you, Marisol, for helping me to get to know myself, and for being there so I am not lonely… I feel like I’ve known you forever!



July 26, 2010

Over the Weekend and all the way back to Wednesday...

One week down 2 more to go...

This past Wednesday marked one week since I “moved out” and started this little project. I don’t think keeping a daily count of what I did is really necessary anymore. That and I’m pretty sure I running out of writing steam here. Wednesday the 21st would have been “Day 8″…the day I didn’t do anything interesting...AT ALL. But Thursday day 9, now that was fun!!

I'm a big fan of Los Pinguos. They are a pretty cool band from Argentina and have a cool sound to them. I found out that on Thursday night the city of Culver City has a summer concerts. Yup, FREE!!! So I rounded up some pals…Ariana, Claudia, Manny, Doreen and Roger….and we headed down there. It was crowded but worth it. They played just about an hour long and we danced to the beats. Ariana completely rocked this old man’s night! She backed it up pretty good!!  This one man was really concerned we took his picture that he had to ask us…"Uh no sir; we took her picture," pointing at Ariana. I guess he figured he was a more interesting subject than a girl doing the one had clap.

[gallery columns="2"]

After the show…we behaved like groupies and decided we just had to take a picture with them…they were great sports about it. I so00o need to get a camera, Doreen’s iPhone was all we had for the night. Since we were already in Downtown Culver City and we wanted to celebrate Claudia and Manny’s wedding to be, we decided to walk around till we found a spot. Right after Doreen was attacked by a falling tree branch of course. LOL you had to be there.  I was a little concerned about this walk for two reasons  1.my car was parked in a loading zone only …and 2.the possibility of  passing out from hunger, all I had that day was my magic breakfast sandwich and it was now almost 10pm! Ariana was also starving so we temporarily ditched them to scarf down some burrito bowls at Chipotle while they walked across the street. . Yum….oh the guacamole….drool. Yay for leftovers!! We joined the rest of the crew, yeah I said crew…I know….we joined the rest of the gang? Posse? Group? Entourage? Bunch? Troupe? I think I’m going to go with crew. Always trust your instincts! Anyhow…We ended the night at Ugo Wine bar were there was chocolate cake, crème brule and lots of laughs!! What do you call a fish with no eye?……….Fsh!

Very fun night..... On to Friday......Friday night was apparently Baby-sit night at the house-sitting place. Both Ari and I said we could babysit some kids. She was in charge of a 5 year old boy and 10-moth old baby girl. I had a 4 year old boy. Little baby Brook was adorable. So cute in fact that it was so easy to overlook the 3 straight hours of piercing crying. Strong tiny little lungs! Oh and Dylan and Ricky just hit it off fine...you know playing "bad guys" with guns. Wholesome fun was had by all.  You know those teens that say they "WANT" to have babies. They should babysit one evening, that'll shut em up. I think it was the first night we went to bed early.

Saturday was TJ day. For those that keep asking about my braces:
Me: So how much longer Dr. Mederos?

Dr. Mederos: It depends on your tooth. Just that one tooth is holding everything up.

Me: Awesome! (it might be hard to read, but this line if full with sarcasm!)

The drive back was intense....so much traffic and bad Cuban food. I just got home and crashed on the couch, drool and all...it was so sexy, too bad no one was around to photograph the sultriness oozing from me at that moment.

That night we headed down to Pasadena to hang out some of Ariana's friends. Tony and Mia, cute couple these two. They are so artsy and creative. They even have a cool clothing line, dfrnt apparel. And their blog: dfrnt Times. Cool as heck peeps. Ironic that tony and I went to the same high school but we never met. And hew grew up on the same street i live on. We dined on some fine Vietnamese food, indulged in some frozen yogurt w/ mochi....mmmmm mochi....then some shopping at a random Indian store where I scored a very cute bracelet.

Note to self: Buy a camera already!

We ended up at Barnes and Noble where I picked up a copy of a memoir I’ve wanted to read ever since I read one chapter from it from a friend's copy about 3 years ago while in Spain....phew...felt like I typed that in one single breath...It's called A Piece of Cake. Can't wait to read it!! At the end on the night we strolled back to their place and just talked a bit about their work and art and just hung out. We also ended up talking about this project I've been thinking about for a while...yup just thinking, not working on or doing....It's an idea that involves kids and clothes. I grew up in Lennox, not the nicest place but it's home. It's a poor community, prominently Latino, lots of kids. So I thought it would be a cool thing if people could trade their kids clothes. The stuff that is still good and useful but the kids have outgrown. Like when you get a hand-me-down but this would be called Hand-Me-Up. Gotta keep it positive! The more we talked about it the more excited i became. So with Tony's help we're gonna try and get this running soon. First with just trading Jackets and let's see what happens from there....

Sunday...Church, Denny's, Home, fight with Mom, emotional break down followed by 15 minutes of straight sobbing...the snot involved was even sexier than yesterday's drool..., nap, groceries, airport run at midnight, followed by out loud singing of Disney classics. I was able to identify 18 out of 20 songs.

"There you see her, sitting there across the way, she don't got a lot to say, But there's something about her..."

OK so my signing is not great...I personally enjoy it but fine, here is a little something to make ya reminisce:

*tomorrow there will be something a little different on here...

July 21, 2010

Day 6-7 -- Dogs and Bats and Gille, Oh My!

Day 6...By now I think I should spare you all the “woke up went to work” routine. I think I should concentrate on more interesting stuff. Except I must share with you my breakfast sandwich. It’s more than a breakfast really, It’s a magical substance that sustains me almost the entire day. And the cherry on top of this plate is the Tapatio sauce that leaves my mouth burning...in a really good way!  Thank you Bergamot Café!

Back to the main events of the evening…Now, “feed the dogs” would have fallen into that ho-hum routine except that today was a little concerning for me regarding the dogs. They were nuts today! Growling and fighting with each other. Since I was supposed to have dinner with Meri that night I mentioned my concern to her. Being a dog owner, she suggested we walk them. Ha! Sure ok. 15 minutes later Meri was here ready to walk the pooches. She had them on lock down. I on the other had looked like a bad comedy where the weak girl is being pulled all over the place by the dogs. Too bad it didn’t lead to a cute-meet with a totally hunky guy.

Although I was sweating like a pig so maybe not! She had Jenny and I got Rocky and Bella...Or they had me...

After the walk we went to Versailles Cuban Restaurant. They have the best Garlic chicken I’ve ever eaten!! You know it’s good when you wake up the next morning and your pores are oozing garlic. I packed half of my serving for lunch tomorrow and even though I was stuffed I couldn’t wait for lunch tomorrow! That is until I got home and Ariana knocked me over and lunged at my chicken. Alright, she was hungry and politely asked for my leftovers. I had a tuna sandwich for lunch the next day. It was all good though. Although between Garlic and Tuna I felt pretty stinky. We watched some episodes of The Nanny...'member that show, "But Mr. Shefiel!!!"...aww Nanny Fine. Right before bedtime we realized we haven’t watered the lawn in a week. So we took out the trash and watered the grass. Very domestic of us.

Day 7…I had a rough day emotionally today. I felt like I needed to HIT something. On to the batting cages!!!!! Not having picked up a bat in like 13 years I was a little nervous and excited.  Swoop!!!!!!!! I missed at first but then I found a rhythm. I had a good swing :)

Hey batter batter…

If you look closely you can see where I hit the ball and the path the ball took...Home Run!! I think yes. I'm just saying. I left exhilarated and sweaty and bruised but I loved every minute of it!!

Back home, Ariana and I winded down for the night by watching Sex and the City, the movie…We laughed and we cried and we said “yup…uhu…exactly…true dat…you see…that’s what I’m saying…I need a Dante!” You see we both just recently had breakups…

So we went to bed with images of Gille Marini and I will now do the same for you…

July 20, 2010

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation!

It has come to my own attention that my post are full of typos, misspells, and I follow my own beat of  punctuation usage.

I would like to apologize to my 3 readers. I guess I'm just so excited to write and publish that sometimes I don't do a complete review of what I wrote. I promise to do a better job here on out!

However I will not apologize for the over use of the following:
  1. ...
  2. !!!!
  3. ( )
  4. ?????

I reserve the right to use them as I see fit in this here blog of mine. You can't make me change it!!!!

ok, bye!

July 19, 2010

Day 2 Through 5 – It’s only been 5 days! Seriously?

Day 2 – The morning was like any other morning get up, shower, eat….work. BORING! Although I did have to drive to Compton for a morning meeting, that was different. After work I stopped by my parent’s house to get some more stuff and to say hi to the family. Mom tried to lure me in with some food but, I said “Nope, got to go make dinner.”

I got home….home? Yeah, I got home. I put some water to boil, fed the dogs, and swept the floor. I made plain old pasta, nothing fancy. That’s just what we had at hand. Garlic bread was good too! Yum…garlic…bread. Ariana gave raging review, claimed it was the best pasta ever! Ask her if you don’t believe me…um unfortunately Ariana has moved out of the country and is not available for comment at this time. (Diner picture is currently living in Ariana’s camera…where it will most likely become a victim of neglect.)

That night was my first night alone. Ariana spent the night at her house since she would be up at 5am and be gone till Saturday night. So technically she is unavailable for comment. I was watching some TV when guess who came to the door. Sake! Veronica’s cat, in all his meowing glory. I was able to lure him in but when I tried to get him in the crate so he would not escape again, the little bugger scratches my thigh and takes of running! Marisol - 0, Cat -1.

Day 3 – Same morning routine work, home, dogs. But here is where it gets interesting. Last year I found out about this event called Dance Downtown. Every couple of weeks in Downtown LA there are free dance lesson. This night happened to be Argentine Tango night. I invited a very good friend of mine to be my dance partner for the night. I was surprised at how packed it actually was. It was a beautiful and warm summer night, it was great. The lesson was in full swing, and 8 counts later we were doing our very first Argentine Tango around the dance floor. Here is a YouTube of an Argentine Tango!

We looked just like this couple…if you look closely, from 1.05 through 1.08 we looked EXACTLY like this couple. I’m just saying.

In between lesson we got to watch other people young and old really bust out some moves. It only made us more determined to master our basic 8 count! It was definitely one of the most fun events things I have ever done. Great way to meet people and it's FREE!! Didn't I mention that? How much more awesome could it get. Oh yeah anyone can attend! Props to the people at the Music Center!

After dancing in heels my footsies were ready for a break. But the night was still young so we headed over to see Inception, starring LEO! I have slight crush on him. Yeah he’s starting to age and get a little chubby but boy can he act. Great movie. Raving review from moi! You know how picky I am with movies so go see it! Now!

Later that night I had another little encounter with Sake. You really don't need the details. Let's just say Marisol - 0, Cat -2.

Day 4 - Saturday was a very mellow day. I went to my other home, the original one and spent some time with the Fam. Dad was redoing the floors in the bedroom so he needed me to "take mom out". So I spent some quality time with Mama at the mall, took a nap on my bed, then went back "home." I couldn't stand the cat situation anymore. Thankfully, Veronica's cat-sitter had agreed to come over and once and for all end the Sake problem. Sake officially moved out at 12:45 am!!!  Great day to start day 3!

Day 3 - Sunday, oh Sunday. Glorious night of sleep! Glorious day filled with italian food. Thank you Jesus! Fitting right, it's Sunday afterall. I went to lunch with Claudia and enjoyed some great Zuppa Toscana, only the best soup in the world and salad from Olive Garden. Now what made this Lunch so great was when Claudia told me how--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and I was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!  It's not my place to tell so I need her permission before I can actually post any info ;)  After Lunch I went to help my sister register for school when my Dad told us that a good family friend of ours invited us to have some lunch at his house. So we all went and had...guess what I had? Go ahead....Italian salad and pizza. I was so stuffed but I still had salad and pizza. I'm was never trained, taught or ever prepared to turn down a free meal. The day wind down with some burnt toaster strudel, too much milk and some Kat Williams. Of course Ariana had our nightly talk time and we decided after looking at my Costa Rica pictures and videos that we need to take a trip. At least a road trip.


Bad Blogger!

I'm living day 6 and I haven't posted anything new. Truth is, aside from a few moments here and there nothing exciting is going on, really. My life is quite boring. But my imagination is wild!  In my defense I did start composing the day 2-5 post so that might be up tonight most likely!! Aren't you excited??? Well, I am and so are my 2.5 readers. So there.

Highlights coming up:
  • Cat update - Marisol 0, cat 2
  • lots of food - thank you Italy!
  • Inception - Love LEO
  • Tango! - Argentine style
  • wedding plans - NOT MINE!

see you soon :)

July 15, 2010

Day 1 – Talks, Tears, Cats and Plum Wine!

I'm all moved in! It kinda feels like I'm on vacation. It's so quiet...untill my phone starts blowing up with text messages from the little one asking if she can crash here Friday night. No "I'll miss you" nope, none of that! Actually both of my sisters reactions were "What! no, take me with you" and "That's too long, take me with you!"  Which I guess really is their own way of saying they will miss me...tear. I think I will miss them the most!

Our first night staying in officially began around 9pm. We started talking and talking and talking and talking....about those stupid boys I mentioned before. Then suddenly we were attacked by a swarm of hungry cats! In reality it was just the  neighborhood cats that kept meowing by the windows. One of those cat's was Veronica's!

Veronica with her cats.

Let me explain...Veronica has 3 dogs and 2 cats. Three day's before she left, one of her cats decided to hide under the house and resurface at 1 am. It didn't have a collar but based on the picture we had on FB  of the cat (the brown one of the left) and the actual cat before us,  we concluded that it was in fact the same cat. It was whining and crying and scratching itself...a lot. I figure it must be starving having spent like 3 days under the house. So Ariana and I began looking for some cat food. Well, since the cats were supposed to be taken care of elsewhere all their supplies were gone! No food for the kitty!

I googled "what to feed cat when out of cat food" ...results: TUNA!!! So with Ariana, confident that she had seen some tuna cans before, we searched the whole kitchen ................(jeopardy theme)..................Ooooh plum wine in the fridge! Score!...............(jeopardy theme continues)...................no tuna. So we poured some milk for the cat and some wine for ourselves! The cat went to town with that milk. We let him out again to "take care of business" . We talked, we cried, we laughed, we shared, and a little wine later.... around 3am or so we were finally ready for sleep.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kitty, was not! We didn't wan to be mean and leave him outside all night....that would be cruel he's a house cat. At least that's how I felt untill about an hour later when the

drum roll please............

Incessant,abiding, ageless, always, amaranthine, boundless, ceaseless, constant, continual, continued, continuous, dateless, deathless, enduring, everlasting, forever, illimitable, immemorial, immortal, immutable,  imperishable, indefinite, indestructible, infinite, interminable, lasting, never-ending,  perdurable, perennial, permanent, perpetual, persistent, relentless, unbroken, unceasing, undying, unending,  unfading, uninterrupted, unremitting, without end MEOWING BEGAN.

Yes, guilty of using an online thesaurus. One word was not enough to convey our pain. . . . .  For 4 HOURS!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I couldn't take it anymore.  Finally, I just let him out of the house around 7 am. I went back to bed. I got one gloriously silent hour of sleep....untill the alarm went off. Day 2 here we go.

I need a nap!

July 14, 2010

Roommate Therapy

Meet Ariana, she will be my roommate for the next 3 weeks.

We have a lot in common she and I. Me and her? We?   We went to the same JR High and High School. We both have gorgeous brown hair. We both are going through some emotional madness...stupid boys. Most importantly,  we both have never lived on our own.  Plus we have a deal, I feed the dogs and she washes the dishes. At least that's the deal that's in my head. She's a private type of girl, she doesn't even know she is being featured here. I'll see what I can do to get her to write on here once in while.  She's a smart cookie this one...she's a great writer, better than me... or at least I'm sure she definitely has a bigger vocabulary.

So what happened to living on your own Marisol? Well, I was a little scared to do it so when the opportunity presented itself for a roommate, I was all in!!! (I'm bowing my head with embarrassment now). I've never lived alone before!!!!!!! Ever!!!!!!! Even when I did the study abroad thing I had a roomie. I don't thinks it's really the staying in a house alone part that gets to me. I think it's the reality of it. I'm 28 and I'm sheltered. Pampered, taken care of! I'm choosing to let it go. Yes, just for 3 weeks but that only reminds me that I will really have to let go one day....


July 13, 2010

Preparing for the big move!

Sooooo tomorrow is the day! Actually tomorrow is the night!!!! Veronica leaves at 8ish and I'm coming in!

I've got my handy-dandy list of instructions/information: Feed dogs - water lawn - take care of Marisol!

I need to do some grocery shopping, after I asses the frindge-cabinets situation. (Situation? why do i suddenly feel like lifting my shirt up and showing my abs?) I must also break the news to my Mom that I'm moving out...for 3 weeks. No big right? Pfft...yeah as if you don't already know my mom. I might as well tell her I'm leaving the country and will return next year, maybe. She will not take this very well.

I also need a camera. Blogs are boring without pictures. I don't want no boring blog (said while snapping my fingers and waving my head left to right)...sometime the ghetto in me will escape. Forgive me. With my Best Buy coupon in had I'm off to get a camera tonight!! My last camera was murdered, when in a moment of pure evilness -- or accident, whatever-- it was shot with some mud right on the lense!! I was told it would cost $85 to repair..maybe. So I figure I can buy a new camera, and give my sister this one to get repaired cuz she is in desperate need of her OWN.

Since I'm only moving about 3 minutes away from my house....how much should i really pack?


July 12, 2010

Hello World!

Dear Claudia, Doreen and Veronica,

You asked and you shall receive!!

Today is Monday. Wednesday is the day that I begin the 3 week "live on my own" experiment as I house-sit for Veronica. You asked me to "blog" about this little adventure so here I am. I have a feeling one week in I will probably stop writing...I have a feeling that um you will be so encouraging that I will keep you updated daily.

Here's the catch! You have to read this damn thing! Oh and comment here and there would be nice. I'm not sure what kind of blog this is supposed to be but I guess it falls under the 'life style" blog. Yup I'm out of the closet!! Or I mean I'm out of my sheltered, don't have to shop or clean, Mom or Daddy are always home, house!

I'm a little scared. OK, not really scare but a little curiously apprehensive about this situation. Certain circumstances have changed in my life and i might use this as an out let for that as well. You have been warned!

So I figure one post a day should be enough? No, yes? Let me know what you want to see/read. I don't think I'm necessarily that funny or that creative of a writer and take full liberties with the use of punctuations. My faves are ... and !!! However, I do promise to write, and to write from my heart. For now this blog is just for my friends but who knows, did you know that people make money from this stuff?!?

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