About The Sea & Sol


Welcome the The Sea & Sol. This blog started as a little fun project to keep track of what happened while I house-sat for three weeks and turned into something I couldn't let go. So I kept writing. I decided to commit and over time this little "journal" of mine has evolved. At this point, I just like to write it. So, I write what I know, what I do and what hopefully can make you laugh sometimes. This is a place for my friends and for my family to see what I'm up to. But it's open to all.

So who's that crazy chick exactly? Me. I'm Marisol, nice to virtually meet you. I like having adventures in my life and laughing along the way. I love reading AND watching TV. Lots of Food and Jesus. Everything expressed here is from my heart and I enjoy doing it. I'm Thirty but feel twenty, call me a late bloomer. I have a loving family sometimes a little to sitcom-ish but who can complain about that? I have been a in a relationship with "The Boyfriend" for a long time...a very long time. I love my job and am generally a happy person most of the time. My best friends make me feel special and I love that they've know me almost all my life. I share mostly, like I said, what I do or what I know but sometimes I just use this as a place to have some fun and not take myself too seriously. I over use run-on sentences,  "..." and sometimes don't spell check/review what I write and even when I do, there will still be something wrong in a post. So beware. 

You might be wondering "How the heck I end up on this site anyway?"
  1. You are my friend and I invited you.
  2. My friend invited you
  3. Google has a sense of humor.
You're already here might as well read around a little, leave a few comments and definitely have a few laugh at my expense. Thanks for taking the time to read and maybe follow along. 

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