January 31, 2012

Morning Person

Technically this post should read NOT A Morning Person. I'm one of those people that has an alarm and definitely abuses the snooze...and the just 5 more minutes rule. You know the feeling when you wake up at 8:20 and say five more minutes shut off the snooze and next thing you know it's 9:55 and you are supposed to be at work by 10 and it takes 20 minutes to get there plus another 15 to at least to make yourself look presentable plus another 5 of complete and total waste on things like forgetting your jacket, stubbing your toe, ransacking your closet for the other shoe... therefore making you 40 minutes late to work. True story, happened this morning. Yeah, I'm aware of how lucky I am that I don't have to be at work till 10am but still, I'm not a morning person.

Hey, if your dreams are as kick ass as mine the you would understand. This chick does:

Source: youtube.com via Marisol on Pinterest

How cute was that video!!!


January 30, 2012

Heels and Leopards

I like wearing high heels just as much as the next vertically challenged girl but sometimes I'm over the platform and the 5+ inches. Sometimes I just want a smaller heel. Something in between the flat and the platform. Today I got my preview notice of one of the February ShoeMint options, meet Rosemary:

No Platform. Skinny Heel. Simple design.  Just what I was looking for. Especially since a little while ago I was strolling a Steve Madden store for no reason other than it happened to be part of the promenade I was currently strolling and in there I found some black pumps that I almost considered buying but figured that I would wait and hope that ShoeMint would have a similar one. (Try saying all that in one breath, love those run on sentences!) Although they are similar in price the patent leather is a plus in my book so ShoeMint it is!  Plus I'm kinda digging the snake skin one too. Which is really strange because I don't wear or like animal prints. I did buy a leopard coat once while working at Express like 15 years ago and I thought I looked like a million bucks but now that I look at that coat I realize how cheap it looks. All that to say, this morning I found a leopard print scarf that my cousin gave me and wrapped it around my neck as I ran out the door. Between the aviators the black shirt and the leopard scarf, I felt like today's lipstick should be red. So there you go, leopard print = red lipstick.


And if your hair happens to fall on our lips, chances are you will have lipstick stain on your face. In my case they happen to land on my cheek which I then rubbed at and had instant blush.


January 26, 2012

School Girl Fuchia

All the schools I attended did not require uniforms. If they had, I would have sooooo been in the 1% that would've been happy about it. Maybe that's why my outfits sometimes look like I'm on my way to study hall at St. Overpriced Fancy Pants Academy instead of on my way to work.
I figured throwing on a bright bag would help this outfit punch it up a notch on the cool meeter, only to bring it back down by wearing my glasses. So in comes the bright pink lipstick. You are supposed to match your lipstick to your purse right? Isn't that the rule? I think so.
Oh, and you can finally see the hair cut. Not the one that turned out bad but the "fix" to the bad. I'm still traumatized a bit. 


January 25, 2012

A Land Called Pinterest

Once upon a time I came across this picture:

How I came across that picture, I don't remember, but this picture was not just any picture, no, it was a picture that was in a magical land called Pinterest. Pinterest? Where had I landed? I started clicking around and 2 hours later I was hooked on the delicious juice I like to call pinning.

Now the problem with Pinterest - I take that back there is no problem with Pinterest - what I mean is the problem with my time is that I don't have enough of it to spend 12 hours a day pinning.

So now I have boards for outfit inspirations like the one above and for home decor,
                                                  Source: lonnymag.com via Marisol on Pinterest

for baby photographs,
                                                 Source: inspiremebaby.com via Marisol on Pinterest

for Christmas stuff,
                                                                     Source: goodhousekeeping.com via Marisol on Pinterest

for hypothetical children I may have in the future that will be well-behaved and keeps things nice and pretty and not bug mommy during her nap time.,

for cooking and baking and finding 500 ways to use cheese, butter and bread and once in while something organic/healthy,
                                                                 Source: foodandwine.com via Marisol on Pinterest

for denim shirts...What? I am in love with mine...
                                                                            Source: modelcentric.tumblr.com via Marisol on Pinterest

for a wedding I'm not planning but I cant help and pin pretty stuff that will probably not happen at my wedding but you bet I will keep pinning even after I someday do get married,
                                                                            Source: lauralizabeth.tumblr.com via Marisol on Pinterest

for problem solving,
                                                                                      Source: infarrantlycreative.net via Marisol on Pinterest

on and on it continues...I like, I pin, I discover.

And lived happily ever after.


January 24, 2012

2011 Recap

Can you believe January is almost over? It's the 24th????? How and when did that happen!
I'm not even over the fact that 2011 is gone, now I have to accept that January 2012 is almost over? What gives father time? All this prompted me to take a look back at 2011, on the blog at least. These were my favorite posts by month:
January: New Year in Minnesota Don't Cha Know
February: Dress Remix
March: Witnessing a Live Birth
April: Are you there God? It's Me, Unemployed
May: Over The Weekend: Cold Massage, Flea Market and Sore Throat 
 June: Happy Father's Day
July: Book or Movie?
August: Visiting Tim Burton
September: Visiting the Getty
October: Thankful Print
November: I'm Thirty
December: If You Like Green PiƱa Colada...Tea

Also, 2011 was the year I became addicted to gel nail polish, Pinterest, and coconut water. There you have it folks...one whole year. Ready for this next one? Because I'm not.


January 20, 2012

Lipstick Friday: Tangerine Lips!

I have really nice lips. Yeah, I said it. So I've decided to wear more lipstick. I don't wear make-up much as it is, but lipstick is easy so I thought I'd give it go. How did this brilliance of an idea come about? Working for a cosmetic company, a "perk" is having new shades land on my desk. So I give you my tangerine lips...in a progression of awkward self portraits:

Or, Poppy Coral as this shade is actually called. Oh and bonus, my Jolly Shoes came and I love them. More on that later. Here is a closeup of the color and a better dispo of the color. Nothing like a close up to make you want to run and exfoliate your skin...


January 11, 2012

Contest Entry

Have you ever entered a contest? Have you eve entered a contest ans won? Have you ever entered a contest ans lost? Yeah, I fall in the "lost" category - always. But I'm trying to be positive this time around.
I somehow stumbled upon this blog (Fashion Chalet) and noticed the bag, then noticed the WIN! So here I am, entering a contest... and trying to stay positive.

I'm not into labels or pricey hand bags, I just really like this bag, even if it wasn't Balenciaga, or worth $1,895 I would still like it.

January 10, 2012


Not just a single cell organism my friends. Nope, the amoeba I'm talking about is Amoeba Music, in their words "The World's Largest Independent Record Store!"  In another installment of Adventures in Grouponing... The Boyfriend bought one for this record store, record store - feels weird saying that, and of course he waited till the last minute to redeem, literally the last minute. We checked out as they were closing the store.

Having not been in a record store since my denim overall wearing days of 1998 (oy!) I was ad a lot of fun. This record store is pretty cool, they have everything you could think of. Vinyl's, Cd's, Poster's, Book's, DVD's...

The Boyfriend was like a kid in a candy store...

While he searched I played... What did I play? Well how about what doesn't belong? (You may think I mean the Caucasian girl.. but really what I mean is the girl to the far left, she doesn't look as happy as the other girls, she looks scared.)

I played find as many records as you can that you used to own in high school...apparently my collection was very limited. No shame in my music choices...

I also discovered that I'm the 4th member of Salt-N-Pepa

So my friends this definitely was quite the adventure, not sure what we ended up going home with but I'm going back for a CD, or 2 or all three... guess of what?


January 5, 2012

Jolly Shoes!

Meet Jolly:
I got suckered enticed baited? into one of those shoe club websites again. I was hesitant at first because of my Shoedazzle experience, however, seeing as how this one was backed by Steve Madden and Rachel Bilson, ShoeMint felt more credible. So when the Jolly Bootie came around I was all in. Especially since I had been eying this style for a while but had yet to find one I liked. I proudly showed them to the Boyfriend who immediately shot me down. I think his exact words were "Those are some ugly shoes!"

Needless to say, I was heartbroken. Not that it would prevent me from buying them, but still...ouch.

All my efforts to  convince him otherwise were futile. Take for example this email conversation:

From: Marisol  
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 1:37 PM
The Boyfriend  
Subject: zapatos 

Why he’s hating on the shoes… I think I’m going to get them  so ;)~

(long story on why I use "he's" instead of "are you")

From: The Boyfriend
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 1:42 PM
To: Marisol
Subject:RE: zapatos
 Those are horrible. Lol nice pic;)

From: Marisol 
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 1:45 PM
To: The Boyfriend
Subject: RE: zapatos
 I though you might warm up to them if they were on a pretty girl with leather pants lol
From: The Boyfriend
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 2:21 PM
To: Marisol
Subject: RE: zapatos

I didn’t notice her pants because I was distracted by the not so good looking shoes ;)
From: Marisol
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 2:21 PM
To: The Boyfriend
Subject: RE: zapatos

I hate you right now…
From: The Boyfriend
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 2:51 PM
To: Marisol 
Subject: RE: zapatos


I bought them. 


January 4, 2012

Happy Belated New Year!

5 days in already? I think it's still OK to say Happy New Year! Y'all know I'm not a stickler for grammar on the blog, also this is the only place I say Y'all, but there is something that really grinds my gears! It's when people say "Happy New Years!" Years? How many years are we celebrating, I thought it was just the one new one? My bad.

So, nothing to report about this new year celebration (or years for those of you that do the multiple celebration thing) I spent it at home drinking hot chocolate and wondering why no one told Dick Clark his tan was reaching umpa loompa status. Still an improvement from last year where I had to travel...to Minnesota.

I'm also not making any resolutions. I never do. I used to but I never keep them so it's better this way. But I do have a feeling of wanting to accomplish something this year and putting out in writing...will work on a plan...

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