October 28, 2011

Here's My Card

The purpose of a business card is simple, to relay your professional contact information. Or so that's what I thought until I was offered 250 free business cards through this offer:

Not finding myself in a need for business cards I was about to leave the page with the offer when something caught my eye... Mommy Cards? Then Dating Cards?!? Hmmm, interesting. Let's take a moment to analyze this....or you take a moment to read my analasis of this.

Mommy Cards: My initial reaction was "Huh?" What exactly is a Mommy Card? in this example Chloe is letting us know that she is the mother to the listed children and her contact info. Scenarios where this could be used: PTA, Classmates Moms, Teachers, Babysitters, on your actual Kid in case he/she gets lost, Day Care, Coaches, to the parents hosting sleepovers or parties, your kids bff?  If you are a mom that is definately a job so I say go for it. It's not that "huh?" after all.

Dating Cards: Are you serious? If a guy handed me this card I would think "cocky player" or "how often are you handing out your info exactly?" or "seriously?" But there are those who I suppose would defend this, saves time on having to actually write down your number or having to awkwardly try to type in their info to your phone. Hey maybe your mom can get these to update her mommy card when she's trying to get you to settle down. Or your friends, the ones that issesantly belive they must hook you up because your single. I say, no way. Sorry Chad, even if you are a stand up guy.

So, does anybody need some business cards?


October 24, 2011

Guest Post: Doreen

October's Guest made me cry. Thanks a lot Doreen. Thanks for showing me this lovely side of you, and for writing so beautifully....

Natures son 

October has become my favorite month. The first of the last three months of the year and the one that kicks off all the festivities. The fashions of the winter months where we all dress up in our finest wool peacoats, scarves and boots. The brown and orange leaves that get swept into the cold crisp October breeze. The scent of candy still lingering in the air. But what really makes October my favorite is because it is my son Josephs birthday month. This year marks a milestone. His 5th year on this earth.

Joey’s been a blessing to my husband and me. With each day that goes by we love him more (if that’s even possible). I still can’t believe how much he has grown. He’s developed his own character and I realize that he is his own little person. I still remember when I was pregnant and thinking to myself that he will not be safe outside in the world as he would be if he stayed in my womb forever and as long as he was with me I would know that he would be ok. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep him there. Someone once wrote: “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” I could not agree more.

It’s weird to think that just 5 years ago Joey was just a newborn baby and never imagining that he would become my best friend. He’s given me great advice from his oh so mature age. One recent point of view of his was about life. I was driving and he felt that I was upset, although I wasn’t showing him my feelings; he quickly gathered that something was troubling me. He started talking aloud about how beautiful life is. Pointing out how green the leaves on a tree are, and how fresh the breeze was coming in through my car window, how the sun is the king and gives us light when we have darkness, how the birds are singing songs to us. I realized then that my son is much wiser than me in some ways. He’s closer to nature than me. He sees things in a way that I as a grown up seemed to have forgotten. He keeps me young and grounded and lets me see the world in a whole different perspective.

Joey has given me the strength to want to accomplish my goals and seek new ones. He makes me want to be a better person. I hope he never grows up but then again I will love to see when he starts to become a young man. I can just see it now. Riding his bike around the block with his friends and getting into some boyish mischief, baseball practices and skinned knees, secret crushes, the changes in his voice from his pre-pubescent years to his man voice years, learning to drive, shaving his five o’clock shadow, girls calling (ugh!), taking pictures of him with his prom date, walking up the stage to receive his diploma….leaving for college (*tear*).

It’s bittersweet that my baby boy will no longer be a baby. I will miss his small fragile voice asking me a million questions in one sentence and his eyes beaming in wonder when he sees something magnificent for the very first time. I have great dreams for him. I know that he is destined for something great. He has shown empathy and nobility in his young age. A trait that some have not had the ability to hold. Whatever he wants to do with his life, I am confident that he will accomplish it and we will be there to guide him and to make sure he does it with integrity. I really don’t know what the future holds for him and he may or may not stay in his angelic ways but he will always be my nature’s son.


October 12, 2011

Foot Popping Kisses

I saw this and I melted...how cute.

Then I thought this little girl had her first foot popping kiss for a photo shoot. Well, she probably won't remember it or the guy and her foot didn't really pop, she was told what to do and she'll have a cool photo to share. But it looks so...real, their position, their embrace! Then I though, who's foot pops in real life anyway?

Then I though...too much thinking for one post... then I remembered,  mine has. Sort of. I'm short and if I'm held tightly while receiving a lovely kiss from the boyfriend who is taller than me, I tip up a little and my other foot lifts of the ground, it just pops up... That counts right? I think so. So thank you my love for officially giving me foot popping kisses. 

As for my first kiss....right in the of my middle school campus, encouraged by my more experience 13 year old friends, only to have it be tainted by the taste of Hot Cheetos and a visit to the Principal's office where I begged them not to turn me in to my parents. I got off with a warning on account that it was my first "offense" and I had good grades. True story.


October 6, 2011

Thankful Print

Pretty and cute prints make me happy. So when I came across this image on Etsy, I immediately wanted it.  But before I hit the buy option, I thought to myself, where would I put this?
Source: etsy.com via Marisol on Pinterest

Am I too old to be buying these things? Maybe I can put it in my future child's nursery some day? In my apartment in a collage of prints and photos? Then I realized I don't care, I'll find a spot for it. I think it was the combination of it's cuteness and it's message that got me.
  1. Delicious Beverages - Oh Chai Latte, what would my life be like without you? Dear green tea, you are my addiction and my caffeine fix. Milk, yes, you made it good. Water, you fulfill me. Pink Lemonade, you make me smile.
  2. Sun - The way your warmth kisses my face as soon as I step outside, there is nothing quite like that.
  3. Trees - You keep us shady and you bear fruit. You let children climb you and you let adults decorate you. Sorry we keep chopping you up. 
  4. Road trips - Ah the memories, the wind in my hair, the radio blasting, the sleeping in awkward positions, the roads less traveled... accidentally while we are temporarily out of place, never lost.
  5. Nice People - You make this world a better place, I hope to be more like you every day. 
  6. Oceans + Mountains - Up high or down low, the beauty in wich you were created will alwasy leave me breathless. 
  7. Good Food - Enough said!
  8. Love - Above all things you are the greatest. 
  9. Music - Soft lulabies, heavy beats, fast tempos and powerful lyrics. You are the most versatile gift ever. 
  10. Animals - From cute to scary, fluffy or prickly, ant or elephant, you have your place and your purpose.  One day I will break you out of those zoos.
  11. Plants - There is more than meets the eye to you. You cleam my air and apperantly you bring stress down at work. I will now go buy one for my desk. 
  12. You - My future son? My love? My Papa? Maybe it's a girl with short hair? To the "You's" in my life that make me a better woman. I'm thankful for you. 
There are more than 12 things that I am thankful for, but this is a good little reminder. Poster definately will be bought!

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