December 25, 2010

Oh Christmas Spirit

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We love, LOVE Christmas at my house. A few days after thanksgiving we go decoration shopping. Every year the tree gets a theme. Or a color scheme actually. Last year it was silver and blue, one year it was purple and gold, we call that tree out Laker tree. This year we wanted a candy colored tree. So we looked through our inventory and bought what was missing.

I hate Wal-Mart. I don't like shopping there. Except for Christmas stuff. It's cheap but nice enough. Big Lots is also a great location. If we are gonna be decorating a tree differently every year, we cant afford to pay $2 or $3 for every single ornament. That's just some crazy stuff right there! Because at my house it does not end with the tree. Nope we got the lights, the Holly plants, the Christmas pillows on the couch, the Feliz Navidad signs, and a bunch of other stuff. Even the bathroom gets a makeover, thanks Mom!

But back to the tree for a moment.. it's an art form really. We take our time and really try to figure out how to best make it look great. Karen and I are in charge of said decorating, as we will never, ever allow Mom to decorate the tree after the disaster of 2001. This year it took about 4 hours including a quick trip to CVS because we forgot to buy ornament hangers. We though we had plenty but every year we always end up buying some. Where the heck do those buggers go?

Usually our Christmas is the 24th. We stay up till Midnight, Dad says a few word we say a little prayer of thanks and then... It's present time!!! The following day we all sleep in and later go to the movies. This year unfortunately 4 out of 5 member of the clan were viciously attacked by an intestinal virus. I am the sole survivor. So I made this little 3 min video condensing the 4 hours of tree decorating. Enjoy everybody.

I really do hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!!!!!! What are some of your family traditions?

December 20, 2010

How the family grows...

Three weeks ago a new member was  added to the family. Little Isabella was born to my cousin Doris and her hubs Clay. Oh and to big sis Savannah. This little miracle reminded me of the joys that babies bring and their undeniable cuteness that makes grown people get all sappy and smile and can't help but feel happy when they see a newborn. Plus babies smell yummy... They should bottle that scent. And now my cousin Lorena and her hubs Steve will be welcoming a new baby in about 7 months or so? Congratulations you guys!!

All this new baby talk got me started writing on some post about babies. You'll see soon. One of these stories I need permission to write about. But I'm sure it will be no problem. Let's just say I was a witness and was traumatized so I should really be allowed all rights to write about it. And the other involves this little bundle of joy below.

Here is a little something of what I'm talking about:

Can't wait to photograph your baby, Lore :)

December 16, 2010

Dear Santa

Most people are shocked when I tell them I never believed in Santa Claus. Yeah, take a moment to breath into a paper bag... since I'm 29 you can get over it quickly. Get ready for another bag though... I don't plan on letting my kids believe in it either. You OK out there?

Hear me out. Growing up I still did have that giddy, goofy look when I saw Santa at the mall but it's like when you spot a celebrity. They are just people but you cant help and get a little excited. I was brought up focusing on the "Christ" part of  Christmas. It was about the gift of Jesus. With that said my house still transformed and there were lights, holly plants and a Christmas tree, the decorating was in full bloom. But at the core in my house, it was never about that stuff. Now, not everyone may agree with that but I was happy with that. It made all the extra stuff like presents and decorations even more special because I realized what I was celebrating. It wasn't about the gifts I was going to get, it was really just a happy time. Besides when you are a kid you always get presents around this time. From relatives, neighbors, friends, church... People can't help but gift kids. Who needs Santa!

Then there was the day I ruined Santa for my whole second grade class. I guess my parents should of told me not to tell other kids there is no real Santa. There was crying and there was some angry parents but all in all they got over it. I hope. Note to self: Make sure to tell future children to not spoil Santa for other children. That's the other thing. Some kids really take it hard when they find out the truth. Now that is just mean in my opinion.

I'm sure many of you will disagree with me. Go ahead. It's OK. I'm not trying to change your mind or run some campaign against Santa. I'm just sharing. I hope to instill in my kids a love for the holiday and to teach them about giving and not receiving so much, although that's always a toughie since, well, they are kids. That it's OK to have fun with the notion of Santa Claus but to understand that he's not real just a character and he's definitely not getting the children all over the world presents for being good and coal to those that are bad. That I will be getting the presents that I can give them. I also hope to pass on the crazy decorating gene that turns me into a Christmas Nazi. Hmm Christmas and Nazi, not two word I thought of ever putting together, but there they are. I'm serious about the decorating. So much so that I am dedicating a second Christmas post on it.

Nowadays, my sisters (they also did not believe in Santa) and I post our Christmas list up so we (our immediate family) can see what we all want. We even force one out of Mom and Dad. They usually give us the "You don't have to get me anything" line but we just roll our eyes and ask anyway. Well, we get that line from Dad, Mom usually has no problem letting us know. It all started as a joke when my sister, Karen, put a car as her number one gift for Christmas one year. She wasn't getting it but the other smaller items on her list rolled in. Genius! She no longer places a car on her list. Only because she gave up not because she actually got one. Hahaha hehehe... Sometimes we'll put something that we know for sure we are not getting but it's more of a joke than anything else. Even though down deep inside we really want it. I know Karen still wants that car! Bottom line we don't stress about gifts, if we can, we give. If we can't, we don't. The lists are just for us 5. We don't pass them out or anything. 

When people come over they always say "Hey that's a great idea" so I thought it would be a fun post to share my x-mas list and maybe you will share yours. Or start your own list with your family or completely hate the idea and that's OK. (Can you guess what my joke item is this year even though I really want it!?!?!)

So in the spirit of children that do believe in Santa... Here is my first ever letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing well and that your elves are working hard but not too hard. Hopefully you have upgraded to some sort of assembly line and they can mass produce all the toys needed for all the kids around the world. We have an overpopulated planet so I can only imagine how stressing it is to see the list grow every year. 

I've been a really good girl this year. I swear ask my Mom and Dad. There were a few moments here and there but nothing too bad. Here is what I would like for Christmas presents:
And last but definitely not least:

    So that's it. Oh and if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you also please, if your not too busy, feed all the hungry children in the world and make sure they have some shoes too. That would be great, even if it means not getting me anything on my list.

    Merry Christmas,

    So how did I do? What's on your list for "Santa"?

    December 1, 2010

    I was ShoeDazzled!

    So I kept seeing these adds for ShoeDazzle all over the place. I don't fall for selling pitches. I'm the first one to say yeah right what's the catch???

    Having said that, I found myself seeing these pretty purple heels over and over. Oh pretty... shoes... *snap* back to reality. Hmm I like the shoes so how do I go about getting them on this here site? Click on the link of course.

    The deal with this site is you sign up, take a quiz, then you are given a selection of shoes picked out custom for you by "stylist" or "computer generated system" based on your style quiz. Every month you are sent a showroom of shoes, you choose the one you like and pay $39.99. This includes shipping. If you don't like your selection that month then you skip that month and you can quit at any time. Hmmm....

    First impression:
    It looked like a cool thing to try. It had all the right elements cute shoes, Celebrity endorsement via Kim Kardashian. She's the brainchild and face of Shoedazzle. I watched a little video read the Q&As. After said dazzlement of purple shoe... Since there it's a commitment I decided to give it a try. Going in on this I knew I would be either very happy or out $39.99 for one month. Here is my experience:

    Signing up: 
    Seriously an easy process, they don't ask for that much. You take a quiz where you are asked to choose between designers, fashionistas and styles...16 total question. Then they ask for your age range (18-46+) Shoe Size (5.5-11) and your dress size (0-12+). You put in an email address and create a password. Ta-dah! You are now a ShoeDazzle member.

    Right after this little fun quiz... please take the meaning of the word fun lightly, you are shown your very own personal style. This comes in a form of a collage of different clothing and accessories along with some celebrity pictures. It looks like something that you made from magazine cutouts in 7th grade.

    If ever came the time when I needed to define my style I now know what to say.
    Apparently my style is cosmopolitan, modern and spirited... LOL. Ok sure. Although now that I take a closer look at this thing I do like what I see. Except for the chunky gold necklace and that black jacket.

    After your collage comes your showroom with your shoe options. My purple shoes were not there. I guess they don't fall under Cosmodspir combo. After a few clicks here and there I found my shoes in the "Click here to see the shoes that almost made your show room" option. There they were. I selected, and purchased. $39.99.

    A few days later I got my Shoedazzle box. Very nicely packaged. They even give you one of those soft shoe bags in pink. I felt very girly.The shoes look exactly like they did online. You can tell they are not super great quality but for $39.99 I'm not about to complain. That is until I tried them on. One shoe was tighter than the other. Significantly.

    Woe is me.

    I wrote to customer service about my situation (they ignored my concern about the different sizing) and agreed to exchange the shoes for whatever size I wanted. Free of charge. Sounded good to me. Too bad I put them on the floor behind my bed and forgot about them until about a month later. I doubt they have the shoes anymore since there is now a new collection in my show room. A collection that I passed on. I am also going to pass on ShoeDazzle. As in I am now canceling my membership. It's a cool program but when it comes to shoes I need to try before I purchase. These shoes are not that special and you can find similar styles at stores in the mall for about the same price or even cheaper online. Overall it was kinda fun but not for me. I'm not too bummed about the shoes since I do like them and I can manage one tight shoe, can't return as I wont get my money back, you get "credits back. So can't wait to actually wear my purple studded suede shoes. Even if I wont be able to walk in them for long...

    November 24, 2010

    On Hiatus For Thanskgiving

    So... I've been MIA on here since my last guest blogger post. Life gets hectic sometimes and for a few days I forget I have this blog. Not like in an abandoned child, bad Mother way but more of a let's just procrastinate a little because I don't have time right now, hey that's what I did with all my college papers and I managed to pass so it's gotta work here too! A lot goes into writing post sometimes. Maybe I should do a post on how I create my post? Hmm...

    I will be back on track after the this weekend. I need to recover from the eating and the shopping I intend to do. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

    November 11, 2010

    The Most Important Meal

    If you were to ask me what my favorite type of food is. I would say breakfast food. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, omelettes, waffles, french toast, fruit, oatmeal, the possibilities are just endless. I have to have breakfast. It doesn't matter that its Noon, the first thing down to my tummy must fit in the breakfast category. Even if all I have is a yogurt and some juice. That's a breakfast. Not a very hearty one but still breakfast. I think I will dedicate a special post later in the future just to breakfast foods.

    This weekend it was time for some BFF time. I suggested Breakfast Saturday morning. I was not expecting the "Be ready by 8:30" notice they gave me but that's what I get for not having babies. Wait...that was mean to myself. I enjoy my sleep in time and appreciate it. I totally admire the mommies that no longer get to do that. I will sleep in for you. Go ahead live vicariously through me!

    Moving on...So around 9AM this past Saturday C, D and I all rolled on in to Jack n' Jill's in Santa Monica. I used to work across the street from this place and breakfast never tasted so good. Until I had that magic breakfast sandwich, you member? This one!(oh FYI ladies, the link is worth the click...I'm just saying. Keep rolling down you'll see what I mean)

    But back to Jack n' Jill's. While their breakfast sandwiches never got the magic title, their everything else did. They have a great selection of dishes to choose from. Check out the breakfast menu! (please excuse my drool..from here on out...)

    I have two personal faves, the Oatmeal and the Custom Omlete. I went with the Omlete. C had the Frittata and D had a breakfast sandwich. (drool)

    Jack n' Jill's is a really tiny place a few tables on the ground floor and a few more on a second level right above the kitchen. But it's not some like a hole in the wall place. The portions are big. You walk in order and then take a seat. Your order comes out pretty quick and all the food tastes fresh and yummy (drool). They also have great lunches too! Definitely recommend. We also spotted Marcia Cross. You know, the red head from Desperate Housewives. She dashed in ordered and dashed out. Didn't even say thank you to the cashier when she said "I love your show". Mean Marcia Cross. 

    It was a great meal and it's always a fun time with the best-est. When you can, take the time to sit and have breakfast with your family or with your friends or heck with yourself. It's a nice way to start your day. Plus it's the most important meal of the day. I know it's hard sometimes and we are just rushing in the morning to get out the door and start our day...for which we are already late...or is that just always me? But seriously have some breakfast people!

    November 3, 2010

    Over the Weekend: I will Survive... Halloween?

    Lots of people just love Halloween. The gore, the horror, the evil, the costumes, the candy the fun! I'm not one of those people. I get the lure of dressing up and all that jazz (name that movie?) Plus the candy, I mean it's the one night a year when girls can dress like a total sluts and no other girls can say anything about it (name that movie?)

    Halloween was never really part of my life growing up anyway. It was just another day. I hate everything horror. I really do. I don't watch scary movies. I don't go to Halloween Haunts or Scary Farms...Nope, not for me, PASS! Just ask my friends. They have been trying to get me to go to those things for years. Seriously some one could get hurt. Imagine some scary, crazy thing coming at me. My fight response may active, I would pop that creature in the face while shouting, "Break Yo Self Fool!" (Name that movie?) Or my flight response would activate in which case I would run and scream. The last horror movie I saw was Scream 2 I think. Why on Earth would I pay to get scared?? I'm a chicken and I admit it freely and shamelessly.

    By this time of the year I'm concentrating on Christmas. Seriously. My sister and I by now have decided on what theme we will be decorating our tree and also what supplies we will need. It's a sick obsession really but we love it. To each family their own tradition. Stop judging us!

    This year however I was invited to a B-day party / Halloween party. Being that all my close friends would be in attendance I decided to attend. However I was not too thrilled with having to dress up. I just put that notion to the side and didn't start putting together a costume until about an hour before the party started.

    What could I come up with based on what I had in my house at this very moment. I had this cool black cape, wear something goth, throw on some heels and buy some fake Vampire teeth. I would be a vampire. Nah, Claudia and Manny would be going as a vampire couple... hmm... Let's call some people up and see what left over costumes they have. Two calls later, no luck. I stood in my closet for a bit when it hit me...Catholic school girl. LOL so ironic. White top, check! Pleated Skirt, oops. Oh well. Maybe I would find one at my local emergency store.

    What is an emergency store? It's those low end budget "fashion" stores you find next to a supermarket or a Target. Cheap clothes that are trendy and usually there is lots and lots to choose from. Plus a wide selection of what I call "hoochie gear." For sure they would have a pleated skirt! My all time fave is called Fashion Time, and my second fave is called $5.99 Hi-Fashion. Yes please, take a moment to laugh at the names.

    And wouldn't you know it! Scored me a pleated skirt for $5.99. Yup, you guessed it. At the $5.99 Hi-Fashion store. So I headed on to my friends party in full costume. Ta-dow! How you like me now? (name that song?)
    I even caught a cool ghost hanging round. His name is Buddy the friendly ghost. I refuse to believe this is something scary or eerie. He is my friend. You take pictures with your friends and I don't give you that crazy look!!

    But tonight for me was not really a celebration of Halloween. It was just a night I let loose and had some fun, pretended to be Maite pretending to be Lupita (name that novela?) I had a tough week not to mention some emotional baggage that just wont shake. So when they played our song (mine and Ariana's) 'member Ariana...I first mention her here and she even got her very own post here....Well when they played our song it was on like donkey kong! (name that movie?) I have absolutely no shame is sharing this video....We are dancing our little heartbroken hearts away. It's a very healthy process. Some might even call it therapy.

    (Name that song?)

    If you can name the 4 movies, 2 songs and 1 novela without Google, I will give you a candy bar...There is no way I can actually verify this so I'm trusting y'all to use your honor code. I just got a little county on y'all.

    November 1, 2010

    Tiny Room Makeover: The Great Bed Frame Search Extravaganza!

    To begin my little makeover, you member? No...awkward, well, how about you read this this: Tiny Room Makeover: The Plan Than come on back here... Or just keep reading...

    I decided to first work on the big things like the furniture and move around from there. I already knew what dresser I wanted and from where.

    Meet the Malm 6 Drawer Chest in Black Brown found in Ikea:

    It looks more black than brown in this picture but I like it that way. I first tried looking all over Craigslist for this dresser but after about a month of luck. So I decided to move on and buy a brand spanking new one. For $159 its not too bad. Although in my head I like to price things based on what I believe they should be. In my head this should be more like $89.99 but whatever...

    Then came the search for my new bed. I knew what I wanted and from where. Meet the West Elm Storage bed:

    This bed is exactly what I was looking for. It met all of my criteria.
    -Twin size
    -At least 3 drawers for storage. Preferable with no handles.
    -Black-Brown in color.
    -No headboard.
    -Priced under $200.....oy. Problem. Selling at $1,199.00 (special $899, yeah still a problem) it soooo does not meet my final and most important criteria. So began my search for my bed.

    My first Google search lead me to some beautiful beds like the West Elm but unfortunately none that fit my criteria. Some just came in the wrong color or were not available in a Twin Size...I spent about an hour searching when I came upon this PrePac Espresso Twin Platform Storage Bed:

    Not as modern and pretty as the West Elm bed but it was close. I found it on Ebay for $199.99 plus $60 for shipping and handling. I did not jump out of my seat or anything but I was excited I was getting close. My continuing search lead me to Wal-Mart's website. While I'm not a fan of the store (except to load up on Christmas decorations!!! You better believe there will be a post about that!) I started to look around. I found some close matches and while they had me at the correct price I just did not like them...

    South Shore Cosmos Twin Mates Bed - $149.94

    I really, really dislike these handles but its very close...I dislike those handles very much.

    South Shore - Cakao Twin-Size Mate's Bed - $139.99

    This one was much sleeker looking but those handles...those are just some serious bruising waiting to happen. I thought I could just remove them but then I would have a hole. Also the review said it was actually black not brown. But even with all this it was the closest I had gotten.

    Right when I was about to give up I came across this:

    Mainstays Twin Storage Bed with Headboard - $159.99

    Ignore the headboard for a moment...and the gray lines around the picture I failed to remove...This bed frame was just what i was looking for. The two drawers were split into 2 inside so I would be getting 4! Color, price, size!! AND NO HANDLES!!!!

    Now about that pesky headboard...I decided I could live with it. I didn't want a headboard but looking at this one I figured I could place my alarm clock on it..A picture frame and my current readings...Sold!!

    So after searching the Internet a few more days including eBay and Cragislist...I looked over my final selection made some measurements and headed on over to my local Walmart to make my purchase. Followed by a trip to Ikea to pick up my Drawer.

    I headed home and Papa Bear and I began putting my furniture together. The dresser came together perfectly. The bed frame however...PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be continued...

    October 20, 2010

    The Town

    Watch it! It was GOOOOOD.

    Alright so this one is little old now, and you all probably saw it already. Is it even in theaters still? I think you can still see it at the dollar theater around town. It really shouldn't be called the dollar theater anymore. I think the last time I went there is was like $5. Actually, I think the nearest one in Hawthorne is not even open anymore. Remember when it was $1 to get in? Hence the "Dollar Theater" nick name. I remember I went to see Star Ship Troopers at Pacific Theaters back in in High school and it was $5 to get in. Ah the good all days. Wow...I just told a back in my day story. Hmm better save those for another ten years when I start getting all weirded out about turning 39. Then it's only a hop skip and away to 50!

    Back to The Town. My Ratings (which I am making up as I write this):

    Actors: A!
    Great performances!! The only one that seemed a little flat to me was Blake Lively. It felt like any other pretty actress could play this part. But Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner were just great!

    Story: A!
    It has a good flow, there are no super slow, drag parts to it really. You know where this movie is headed most of the time so its not like there is some big twist or unexpected surprise but it was never meant to be that type of movie, I think.

    Watchable: A
    Definitely keeps you going, no boring parts even the slower scenes. I found myself caring about the mains characters and their relationship. Definitely very entertaining and worth the time.

    Favorite Scene: The nun scene! You''l know what I mean.

    Favorite Line: "Hey, this is for you." Need to see it to truly understand why it's my favorite line. Oh and also, " 'I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we're gonna hurt some people'..."Whose car we takin'?' "

    Overall: Watch It. Or at this point rent it when it comes out.

    October 13, 2010

    I'm Yours, Jason

    That's right! I admit freely. I love Jason Mraz. I used to be a fan, but after attending his concert on Friday, I'm officially a FANATIC in love. "Jason will you be my baby Daddy?!?" Yes, I said that. Out loud. In public. Thank goodness only my friends heard me....And now all of you know....awkward.

    It was quite the little journey getting to the Santa Barbara Bowl from Inglewood. It was a small road trip with Marissa and Tiffany. The plan was to meet at my house at noon so that we could be on our way have a nice drive without traffic. We also planned on spending the night down there so we wouldn't have to drive back so late. However, we ended up meeting at my house around 2 and actually leaving my house at about 3 PM! Yeah, I hadn't packed lol...

    So we sat in traffic for about two and a half hours but we finally made it to hour hotel. It was your standard Best Western chain hotel. But it was really pretty since it looked like an old Spanish Mission. It was also not exactly in Santa Barbara but in Carpinteria. A smaller town near by.

    Before we new it, it was time to head on over to the concert. Parking was full so we kept driving and about 6 blocks away we found a spot. The Santa Barbara Bowl is nestled in a residential area. A nice one too. So it was a pleasant walk. Glad I wore those flat boots though!

    After we huffed and puffed our way up the hill we stuffed our faces with some cheesy pizza and soda...yum. Might explain why I huffed and puffed my way up that hill. While the stuffing continued the opening act played. I wish I had paid attention to who it was this time because I really really like Christina Perri. I didn't realize it was her until her final song, "Jar of Hearts."
    And who do you think you are
    Running 'round leaving scars
    Collecting your jar of hearts
    And tearing love apart
    You're gonna catch a cold
    From the ice inside your soul...
    Sorry...this song just has some special meaning for me ;) Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

    Anywhoo...Back to JASON!!!! He was was just simply amazing! Such a beautiful voice. Better than the CD. The band was great, it was a lot more jazzier than I expected and I liked it! "Lucky" is one of my favorite song...that one also have a special meaning for me. Even cooler was the fact that Colbie Caillat showed up for the duet :)!!! Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat - Lucky (Video)

    You go Jason! WooHoo!

    About a third of the way into the concert...I thought I was going to go to jail that night.

    No, not because I rushed the stage and tackle no no. I would go to jail for assault and battery. Yeah, that's right assault and battery. You see there were these people sitting behind us, two guys and two girls, who would just not shut up!! Plus as the concert went on they kept going on beer runs and kept getting more and more drunk. WHO THE HELL GOES TO A CONCERT AND TALKS THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!!

    Scenarios kept playing in my head...I could just turn around and punch girl in the face. She was quite chatty. I could stand on my seat and leap back and knock both of them with my elbows. I really, really actually started to visualize the fight and the hauling of to jail part. Marissa even said she "had my back" But, I decided it was not worth it. After a few dirty looks and some words were exchanged I just leaned forward and ignored them. We were not the only ones that were shushing them. By the end of the show they were so drunk things like "Your the F-ing man Jason!!" were being hollered. One of the guys you could tell was not as drunk and even apologized for his friends actions. He even offered to take this picture.

    While all this was annoying it really did not ruin the show for me. It was too good of a show. He was just that great of a performer. We ended our night by getting some junk food at Carls Jr. and watching Say Yes To The Dress until like 2 in the morning. It was not as sad as that sounds.

    The next day we headed down a main street in Carpinteria and enjoyed a varied, delicious breakfast at The Cajun Kitchen. Sooooo good. My mouth just watered thinking about it.....please forgive my drool. We had all kinds of things from you traditional french toast to your not so traditional smoked salmon...sorry more drool.

    After breakfast we took a stroll down to the beach

    where all sorts of laughs were had...
    inappropriate photos were taken...

    some serious posing took place...
    followed by more & more laughs...

    breathtaking views were enjoyed...
    and miraculously I did not fall...
    On our way home we stopped by the outlets. Hey, they were right there! Where I did not buy anything but a scarf. All in all one awesome trip!!!

    October 5, 2010

    Guest Blogger: Marissa

    Today's guest is my good friend Marissa. AKA my only CSULB friend! Of all the math classes in the school I tried to add into I chose the same one she registered for. I wouldn't have made it with out her. For sure would not have passed that Oceanography class with out her... 

    Marisol knows that I am one random gal…always waiting with random facts about random things in random places.  Anyhoo…after reading my “Top Ten Guilty Pleasures” you will feel like you know me so much better than ever before!!!  Ok…maybe not…but at least it’s entertaining, which is probably why she asked me to be a guest blogger on the new and improved “The SeaSol Blog”.  So here goes…Marissa’s Top Ten Guilty Pleasures!  Enjoy J
    1.       Keeping Up With the Kardashians
    This show is absolutely retarded….based upon three sisters; Kourtney, Kim, & Khloe and their unrealistic drama filled lives.  I did not have the pleasure of growing up with sisters and watching this show where they give each other bikini waxes which in result causes a “burn”…ouch, take litmus breast milk tests so that their infant child will not be affected by their previous nights drunken stupor, intervene in each other’s love lives by breaking into boyfriends voicemails, go on countless photo shoots for who knows who’s magazine…shall I go on?  Extremely entertaining…embarrassed to admit that it makes me long for sisters. 

    2.       Singing in the car like a rock star to Taylor Swift
    Have I mentioned how much I love this sweet country teen sensation.  She may not be the best singer but she is so sweet and passionate.  Maybe I love her wholesome nature or her honest lyrics about love, hope, and what her mother has sacrificed to raise her.  Or her fearless nature to be who she is, a mature young woman who wears dresses EVERYDAY, in lieu of her peers: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, ALL who like to be photographed wearing butt bearing dresses with no undergarments…sad times people.  Anyhoo…I digress…tell me that you have not found yourself reciting lyrics to a Taylor Swift song?!?  “Been here all along why can’t you seeeeeeeeeeee… belong with meeeeeee…”
    3.       Sleeping past noon
    On those days where I don’t have any plans before 2…I just LOVE to carelessly sleep in the bed sprawled out eye boogers and all….lol.
    (Not an actual picture of me but I am POSITIVE that my mother has pictures of me somewhere in this same position)
    4.       Twilight series/The Vampire Diaries/True Blood
    I am NOT vampire obsessed but it seems like recently writers/TV/movies have all jumped on the bandwagon of telling us the tales of vampire novellas!  I love it…lol.  I admit that I am guilty for stealing my 12 yr-old cousins copy of Twilight (only overnight and I returned it) to read the epic drama cover to cover last summer….oh good times J  Ever since then I have finished the Twilight series and CAN’T wait to see the next installation of the series of our beloved Bella, Edward, and Jacob.  We all know who she picks but we still want to see it!!!  Bring it on!!!!  In addition, I have found myself immersed in the new CW series “The Vampire Diaries” ONLY because Paul Wesley who plays Stefan is bee you tee full…(see the pic’s a lil dark but you can still see my point!!!)  Ok, and my last vampire obsession is “True Blood”…it’s simply a train wreck of characters who have BAAAADDD Louisiana accents but yet I can’t seem to jump this train.  I have to know what is going to happen to precocious, foul-mouthed, mind-reading Sookie Stackhouse.

    5.       Texting in the car
    Guilty as charged.  I did not sign the Oprah “No Phone Zone” pledge.  You can find me driving 80mph on the 134 texting at 7:30 am…Monday thru Friday.  Not proud…it just is what it is.

    6.       Late night cookie runs to the Doubletree Hotel
    I’m not afraid to admit it!!!  My name is Marissa and I am addicted to cookies.  I have been known to leave my house in night gear (night gowns…but not too crazy) to fulfill my heart’s desire for a Doubletree Hotel chocolate chip cookie.  They have them waiting for me WARMED when I walk in the door.  Words are not necessary.  I approach the front desk and the concierge knows what I need.  No lie.  Don’t be jealous.

    7.       The Bachelor/Bachelorette
    These men and women are willingly submitting themselves to be televised to have America watch them “look for love” (in a bikini or swim trunks) making out with 21 eligible and eager bachelors/bachelorettes.  We have to up our standards people.  Really.   This too is a hopeless train wreck and once again, I can’t seem to get off the train.  While some are on the show to really find love and I really hope the best for these that are looking for love genuinely (even if it is in all the wrong places) others are there to promote themselves and their childhood dream of being famous.  Let’s be honest people…would you be able to find your soul mate in this group of men?

    8.       Reading everyday
    Who needs the newspaper when I have everything that I need to know on!!!  They have a shirtless picture of Kellan Lutz everyday.  Do we even know why?  Dude…you were in two movies (the Twilight series and you barely had five lines combined).  But I love their Celebrity Baby Blog and the Best Quotes of the Week.  Random celebrities share their woes of parenthood and their ability to put their foot in their mouths.   It should remind us that they are just like us….IMPERFECT.  Not really news…but entertaining nevertheless.
    9.  Monkey paraphenelia
    I love monkeys….can’t explain it.  Favorite animal.  People that I don’t even know at work bring me items with monkeys on them.  Random, I know.  But my latest and greatest monkey find is Anti-Monkey Butt powder…..hahahahahahahahahaha…HILARIOUS!

    10.   Spending $50 on one meal
    …ridiculous I know!  I am in the process of “getting out of debt” even though I will have student loan debt for a couple of years to come…but still…liquid debt be gone!  It is so hard to pass up on an amazing meal that could possibly change your life!!!  Last meal that I had was from Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel’s Napa Rose.  I had the pleasure of indulging in their strawberry sage barbeque duck breast….yum…I can still taste it.
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