November 30, 2011

Photography Challenge: Day 22-30!

We've come to the end of the challenge. While this little project did not really go quite how I expected it was definitely fun and I'm glad I did it.

Day 22: Hands
I feel like they look like I'm about to grope something...

Day 23: Sun flare
I had a much more awesome photo of this with the palm tree but I somehow deleted it and didn't realize it till later and so my 50 attempt to recreate this photo failed...

Day 24: Animal
So...doe this count? I wasn't anywhere near a live animal this day or this month. 

Day 25: Something Pink
If a hot pink feather Christmas Tree doesn't get you in the Holiday Spirit I don't know what will...

Day 26: Close Up
I love looking at this picture because you can see all the texture from the wood.

Day 27: From a Distance
Same piece of wood as above, not as interesting but bet you didn't know what the top picture was til now. 

Day 28: Flowers

Day 29: Black and White
I never park in the back lot at work, but today I had no choice. This also forced me to try and figure out what the heck this thing was and wonder why it was just parked behind the building. 

Day 30: Self Portrait
I'm not looking my best today...well, I'm sure I look just fine but I don't really like my outfit, hair or makeup today... so this is a self portrait of my shadow, she looks great!

So that's it! 30 Days of photos that I never would have taken otherwise. I did miss a few days but as far as I'm concerned, it was a success. It challenged me and that was the whole point!

In the beginning! Also known as day 1-3
A big chunk! Also known as day 10-21

Thanks for following along!


November 22, 2011

Photography Challenge - Challenge!

Between being sick, actually celebrating my b-day and being swamped at work,  I've been lagging with the pictures and in fact I missed some days. Not only because I forgot or didn't have time but because of my genius idea to use my iPhone to take the pictures. I did not realize, or better said I did not think about, how some of the challenges were meant for people with those fancy cameras. You know the kind that you can change setting on and stuff like that. Anywho  So here goes day 10-21!

Day 10: Childhood Memory.
This was the first photo challenge that stumped me. then as i sat in my room watching the final hours of the day pass I looked at the one thing left in my room from my childhood. Meet Max.

Day 11: Something Blue.
I am secretly obsessed with blue eyeshadow. Yet I never wear it. I always look like i got punched and have a black eye.
 Day 12: Sunset.
I kept trying and trying but either I missed it or it was raining or a million other reasons this didn't make it. So how about a picture of just the sun...

Day 13: Yourself with 13 things.
Things or rings? Well, rings are things.

Day 14: Eye.
Hi Dad! Love that you didn't even ask what I was doing, you just sat there and let me take your picture.

Day 15: Silhouette.
Good morning!

Day 16: Long Exposure.
Hmm...yeah, need a fancy camera. But THIS is what it looks like.

Day 17: Technology.
This will always look cool to me no matter how many I see or how fancy they get.

Day 18: Your Shoes.
Shoes. Plural people, plural!

Day 19:Something Orange

Day 20: Bokeh
Again, fancy camera needed. I do hope to take it later though... it looks pretty!

Day 21: Faceless Self-Portrait.
There is more to this picture but, I think this is my favorite so far. I would also like to confess to the fact that I did not in fact take this photo. The Boyfriend did. I said, "Take a picture of me holding this to my face, don't ask me why"

I'm not doing any better with the 30 letters but in any case those can take more time as I want them to be special. The pictures are coming along great though, can wait to share those with you!


November 16, 2011

I'm Thirty

Yup, 30. Feels like 29, and 25. So really I'm 25. And I'm sure 31 will feel the same too. I wanted to write out a long post on turning 30 and what it all means but honestly, It just means I'm 30. Maybe after a few days when it's all sunk in I'll write something. For the time being here is what I look like at 30. Pretty much the same way I looked at 20. So really I'm 20.


November 14, 2011

Birthday Sinus

This weekend was grey and ugly. Friday I started sneezing. I only sneeze under the following conditions: 1) Dust in the air 2) Cheap perfume that smells bad 3) I'm getting sick. This case it was numero 3. So I hibernated all weekend in hopes that plenty of rest would get rid of this sinusitis.

No dice. I'm still sick. This was most definitely not in the birthday plans. But I'm staying positive, I will be fine or as I keep saying "I'm Find!"

This however has hindered my letter writing and photo taking. I managed to get in Day 10 and 11 but I will have to owe you the rest of the images at another time. Not to mention it's a little difficult to capture a Sunset when it's raining. But I'll be back full force with the photos by day 18. I promise.

Also on other random and not related news, I got a haircut. Now, normally this would not be such great news or blog worthy except that I cut it off pretty short. I like the length but I don't like the style, but hey, it's just hair, right? More on that later, I think my hair will deserve it's own post.  Oh and also I found my first GREY hair. Seriously? I fainted. Well, I didn't faint in reality but in my imagination I did. 

I'll leave you with this image... Before my sinusitis, before my grey hair discovery and before the rollers came out and I hated my hair...


November 7, 2011

Photography Challenge: Day 7-9

I'm really liking the Photography Challenge! It's fun when it's something simple like fruit but some are a little more difficult like a bad habit?! How do you photograph your own bad habit?

Day 7. Fruit.
Who loves pomegranate??

 Day 8. A Bad Habit.
So I took this on Day 9 because i kept hitting the snooze button the day before. I snooze way too much definitely a bad habit. 

Day 9. Someone You Love.
Sorry to interrupt your nap for a photo and a kiss. I wanted to get a better shot but this one makes me smile so it won.   


{Day 1-3}
{Day 4-6}

Photography Challenge: Day 4-6

Continuing on with the photo challenge, I found myself almost forgetiing about it this weekend! But still i managed to get them. These photos made me feel a lot. Happiness, fear, and inspiration I'll let you guess what photo triggered what.

Day  4. Something Green. 
Walking around Target, I found myself in the Christmas Isle. I love me some Christmas!!!

Day 5. From a high angle. 
For a person that is afraid of heights I figured why not take a shot while my heart was I climbed up a ladder a whopping 4 or 5 feet of the ground. 

Day 6. From a low angle.
Have you ever laid at the bottom of a tree and just looked up? So pretty.

Compelling stuff right.


{Day 1-3}

November 3, 2011

Photography Challeng: Day 1-3

As part of my 30th B-day celebration I'm doing the following Photo Challenge! 30 days 30 photos. Wish me luck! Here is the challenge:
{ source }
There are a few different version floating about out there but I liked this one. It's simple and even though I have no idea what Bokeh (day 20) is, I'm confident that this will be a fun thing to do. I'm going to dish this out on 3 day doses.  So here we go...

Day 1 -Self Portrait. I call it "Girl in Grey Hoodie"

Day 2 - What you wore today. I wore my favorite scarf ever.

Day 3 - Clouds. As I stepped out the front door...

more pics in three days.


November 1, 2011

Birthday Challenge

Today is not my birthday. Nope, my birthday is 15 days from today. I've always taken my b-day as a personal holiday. I usually try to plan something to celebrate, but this year I really lacked the motivation to plan something.


It's not a regular ol' birthday, it's my 30th so I felt like I had to do something spectacular! But spectacular never came to mind. Now to some this means nothing, it's just another day, right? Being one to ALWAYS make a big deal of her birthday, I do not fall anywhere near that category of thinking so I couldn't figure out why I wasn't excited? It's definitely not from some stigma of turning thirty I hope, it is a big deal to me but not in a bad way. I welcome the age, I'm the happiest and most confident I have ever been in my what is it? Not sure if I'll completely figure out what happened but the birthday plans are moving and in the works so I'm starting to feel better. As far as the blog is concerned, I'm celebrating all month. That should get me in my birthday mood right? I will be very selfish this month, making it all about me. Behold, my 30 themed blogging challenge ideas:

Challenge 1. Find a photo of myself at every birthday/age.
Difficulty Level : HIGH. For the first years or so there are hardly any photos of me in existence. Not sure what happened to them but I know I might fail for some years. Plus for some reason i was not a fan of photos during the teen years. 

Challenge 2. Write a letter to 30 people that have in some way shaped the person I turned out to be.
Difficulty Level: Medium/High. Not sure what thirty people I will include. 

Challenge 3. 30 day photo challenge.
Difficulty Level: Easy. I saw this list floating around in the blogging universe and thought it would be fun but I never did it so now is the time.

Challenge 4. Still pondering this one... I'm open to suggestions.

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