June 21, 2012

Spanish Shirt

You know how certain scents or fragrances remind you of something or someone? Well, I have a shirt that reminds me of Spain. Actually I have two shirts and a pair of shoes that reminds me of Spain. However today, I'm just wearing the one shirt. This one simple white shirt, long sleeve with a boat neck. Thick, so it almost feels like a sweater...ah memories.

When I was in college there was one thing I wanted more than to graduate, and to learn how to write grammatically correct sentences. I wanted to do a study abroad program. Even though I had always wanted to go I waited until that last minute where I had to send the full payment for the trip to be included. So I ended up in Madrid, Spain all June 2007. Best last minute decision ever!

One day during this trip my roommate and I went shopping. I bought this white shirt and she bought a pink one. Needless to say, this shirt will for ever remind me of that trip...and maybe now of the fact that I never did quite learn how to get over my run-on sentence issue.

Also, I think I'm finally going to start blogging again. I took the Spring "off" and seeing as how yesterday was the first day of summer...I don't have an excuse anymore. 


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