June 25, 2012

Time of My Life

Undeniably, i'm sure that either you have heard the following converstaion or have had the following converstaion:

person a: What your favorite movie?
person b: "Dirty Dancing"
person a: OMG! I love that movie too!
person b: I know right!
person a & b: "I've had the time of my life..." or "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

Now here's the thing, this conversation may have gone differently but the jist of it is the same and weather you hears or participated, probably depends on your sex. If your sex is female, then you most likely particpated in said conversation. Unless that said femail happend to be me.

Up until Friday I had never actually seen Dirty Dancing. Yes, I know, I feel like a shame of my entire sex glaring down on me. To make things worse, I have seen "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights." Yes... even more shame for me.

So when I found out that Friday night (last Friday night) there was going to be a showing of it out at the California Plaza, and that it was going to be a free event, I figured it's now or never. The Boyfriend graciously scored brownie points by indulging me and taking me. To which he questioned "How have YOU not seen this movie?" I really don't know, darling...I really don't know.  

We picked a spot to stand (as seats were taken) and the show got started. I call it a show because they even had dancers recreating the moves. It was actually a really great experience. There were cheers and hollers the moment that Patrick Swayze walked on screen. And more cheers at poignant moments in the movie...but the final most fiery cheers came during the "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." scene. Totally get it now.

I'm glad this is how I got to see this movie. On a big screen, surrounded by people that love it on a (rather chilly) summer night out. Had I seen it at home on a boring Sunday afternoon, alone it might not have been the same. And I would have been like, "What's the big deal?" I'm off to buy my Baby/corner t-shirt...Not really but at least I can finaly join in on the conversation above.


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