June 27, 2012

I Earned It!

Have you seen it? The commercial..er infomercial rather, for a particular workout called "Insanity"?

Please watch below if you have not. If you have, then we are both the kind of people that are up at 2 in the morning with insomnia watching this for no other reason other that hating the fact that we don't work out and that's probably why we have bad sleeping habits in the first place...or that just might be me, either way skip on down below.

Right, so now that you have finished rolling your eyes at those people (Seriously! How annoying are they? Or maybe it's all those happy endorphins exercise is supposed to give you? Who knows?) we can continue with my story.

This past Saturday, after having a lovely, leisurely day lounging at the beach The Boyfriend suggested we work out, being one of those annoying people that works out he suggested we do an insanity video. Now, my first instincts were to say, "Hell No" but instead I smiled said, "Yeah sure!" and geared up in my best, new and never used work out clothes. Bring It!

There is a reason, it's called Insanity. There are a few reasons actually:
  1. The people that created this work out are insane!  (I'm looking at you Shaun T and Beachbody employees behind this workout)
  2. The people that buy this workout are insane!
  3. The people that buy and actually do this workout are insane!
  4. The way you feel during, after and the day after doing this workout is insane. 
  5. Your body will go insane...as in you will want to throw up 15 minutes into it the first time around.
I mean...look at these people:
About 15 minutes into it I had to step outside and get some fresh air so I wouldn't vomit in the living room. But to be honest I felt pretty kick-ass after the work out...a little insane but at least it was kick-ass insane. 

Let's fast forward to Monday morning, I woke up and felt the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my calf's. I think I injured them. I couldn't stand, walk, or basically move my legs in any way possible for like a good 5 minutes with out wanting to cry. Finally, I mastered a crab like walk that allowed me to move around and get ready for work. Might not have been a good idea to start on his routine seeing as how I've never done a video before. Today is Wednesday and they still hurt. But the insane part is...I would totally do another video again.

Yeah that could so be me in that "I EARNED IT" T-Shirt. But it's not, just in case you were wondering.  


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